Virtual Coaching

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Pelvic Health 

Corrective Exercise


Exercise and physical activity can often be one of the first things you stop when pelvic health issues arise. Uncertainty and questions about safe ways to remain active when experiencing pelvic pain, hip pain, prolapse, diastasis recti and incontinence are common. It can be difficult to find consistent knowledge on how to safely return to exercise and what exercises can support healing. Corrective exercise is a great way to compliment in-person, hands-on pelvic floor physical therapy.

MOJO Pelvic Health offers one-on-one virtual coaching to help strengthen and train your pelvic floor and the complex system that supports it.

Sessions are customized to your needs and will focus on improving posture, breathing, pelvic alignment, core and pelvic floor coordination and strength.

Can this help me?

During one-on-one corrective exercise sessions, you will work with a Certified Pelvic Health Corrective Exercise Specialist to identify specific exercises to work on at home based on your pelvic health needs. You will begin by looking at pelvic alignment and posture. Sessions will also focus on breath work, pelvic floor relaxation, pelvic alignment and strengthening to support the pelvic floor.

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