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Your pelvic floor deserves more.


Pelvic health issues can impact how a person is able to exercise, work, be intimate, and often how one views themself. 

MOJO FLO - a functional learning online platform -  was created by MOJO Pelvic Health in order to bring awareness, education, and empowerment around your pelvic health. Because it, and you, deserve care and relief. 


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Understand your pelvic health.

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Learn to listen to your body.

Everyone has a pelvis and deserves to understand it.

Your pelvis, and the pelvic floor within it, is a very dynamic system of muscles, fascia, ligaments, and bones that work together to allow you to do anything and everything throughout your day. It is not an easy system to understand and often you need to revisit information several times to fully understand how the system works.

We look forward to continuously adding online courses, workshops, and resources to help you listen to and understand your pelvic floor.

" We all need and deserve to be well, to be cared for, to be seen, heard, and understood."

Amy Moses, co-founder

"Helping people to participate in activities again without pain is life changing."

Sara Lynn, co-founder
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