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We believe all women deserve amazing Pelvic PT/OT during pregnancy and beyond. Our goal is to help you prepare the pelvis and pelvic floor for labor & deliver, ease common pregnancy pain, find your optimal birth position, and prevent common postpartum issues.

You can begin our standardized prenatal care at any point in pregnancy, and continue to receive treatment into the postpartum period.

Our Birth Prep Program elevates your prenatal care by connecting you to virtual support and education. Whether you connect with us in-person, virtually or both we want to help ensure you have a happy and healthy pregnancy, birth, and transition into motherhood. 

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Prenatal Care

Pelvic PT/OT to Prepare for Birth

Connect to in-person care at any MOJO Pelvic Health location or partner practice. We will guide you through pregnancy to prepare the pelvis and pelvic floor for labor, delivery and postpartum recovery.

Connect to Care

Birth Prep Program

Virtual Support & Education

Stream live Q&A sessions, prenatal exercise and more! Our program connects you to education that will help you prepare the pelvic floor for labor & delivery plus an easy to follow home exercise plan.

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