Prenatal Care

Pelvic PT/OT to Prepare for Birth

Helps to Reduce Tearing

Increases Comfort in Labor

Improves Postpartum Recovery

Cesarean Prep  Recovery

Find Your Optimal Birth Position

Learn Pushing Strategies

Step 1: Schedule Your Care

We recommend a minimum of 5 visits spread throughout pregnancy, which are purchased separately. As needed, we can help you work with your insurance provider. You can schedule care at any of the MOJO Pelvic Health core location or Ob/Gyn partner practice.

Sessions to Schedule: 

  • 12-weeks
  • 20-weeks
  • 32-weeks
  • 38-weeks
  • 6-8 weeks postpartum

It's ok to start anywhere in the timeline listed above. We know some women will find us later in pregnancy or may need more than 5 visits. We will work with you to coordinate a good schedule based on your individual needs. 

Schedule at a Core Location

Call 901-244-3800 or Request a Consultation

Request a Consultation

Schedule with an Ob/Gyn Partner

Step 2: Download the Birth Prep Checklist

The Pregnancy & Birth Prep Checklist guides you through the timeline for in-person care and what to expect during upcoming visits.

Download the Checklist


Elevate Your Care

Join our Birth Prep Program!

Live Q&A Sessions

Stream live Q&A sessions with a pelvic PT/OT. This is a safe space to ask questions and connect to other pregnant women.

Prenatal Workouts

Join us for prenatal workouts that will help you stay connected to your core and pelvic floor. Follow our home exercise plan in our Birth Prep course.

Birth Prep Course

Our Birth Prep course is filled with easy to understand videos that will teach you how prepare the pelvic floor for labor & delivery.

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