Pelvic health is for EVERYONE.


Understanding your pelvic health is not easy and often you need to revisit information several times to fully understand how the system works. 


Access to quality resources about pelvic health is important and should be accessible to all.

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Our Mission


The mission of MOJO Pelvic Health from the start has been to make pelvic health services known, accessible, and standardized for all women, men, children and teens so that anyone who has issues with their pelvic floor can have healing, freedom, and tools to live a full and empowered life.

MOJO FLO is the digital platform to help reach this mission. Its primary goal is to bring the expertise of the physical therapists on the MOJO Pelvic Health team to a wider community so that more people can experience healing and get back to the things they love in life without pelvic health issues getting in the way. 

Functional. Learning. Online.


The goal of MOJO FLO is to create a wide variety of digital courses, workshops, and resources to spread pelvic health and education to all. Our desire is to share the magic of pelvic health with anyone who needs care whether they live near a clinic where they can visit us in person or remotely from locations across the country. 

Online Courses
MOJO Pelvic Health online learning - a woman sits at her table with an open book and laptop